15 Jun , 2020 - Papers

Paper submitted to the international conference: 20th IEEE Mediterranean Elettronical Conference (MELECON), June 16-18 2020, Palermo, Italy.

Praticò F.G., Briante P.G., Speranza G. 

Abstract: Electric vehicles (EV) diffusion depends on many factors among which policies, people options, and economic factors. Their noise-related performance could appear favourable. This notwithstanding, despite partisan opinions, the analyses carried out suggest that research and industry will have to minimise the collateral issues posed by a quite probable EV diffusion. The objective of the study presented in this paper is to analyse the acoustic impact of electric vehicles (EV) and to set up an overall framework for an effective management of their diffusion. After the objectives, EV overall characteristics are analysed. EV acoustic performance are then analysed. In the final discussion, the main characteristics of the required holistic approach are highlighted. This can benefit both researchers and practitioners.