ID 36_13 “PAPER SUBMITTED TO DAGA 2021 – 47. Jahrestagung für Akustik”

19 Oct , 2021 - Papers

Paper submitted to DAGA 2021 – 47. Jahrestagung für Akustik: “LIFE E-VIA: Electric Vehicle Noise Control by Assessment and Optimisation of
Tyre/Road Interaction”

Carsten Hoever, Achillefs Tsotras, Raffaella Bellomini,  Arnaldo Melloni

Abstract: Excessive road traffic noise is negatively impacting human health in many parts of Europe, especially in cities. The introduction of electric mobility has universally been recognized as one of the best solutions to reduce noise in urban areas. Importantly, this measure also helps with other environmental issues such as air quality and CO2 emissions. For electrical vehicles (EV), the lack of masking powertrain noise at low speeds emphasizes the increased importance of tyre/road noise for the overall traffic noise when compared to a classical internal combustion engine vehicle. It is the objective of the LIFE E-VIA EU project to reduce noise for roads inside very populated urban areas through the implementation of mitigation measures aimed at providing optimized road surfaces and tyres for modern EVs. For the tyres a holistic approach is used which aims to give an optimal balance between low exterior noise and other crucial key performances such as rolling resistance, wet safety, and wear. For the road, a noise-optimized pavement for the specific context of EVs will be developed. A final version of this will later be used for a road in Florence, Italy. An overview of LIFE E-VIA will be presented together with intermediate results.