ID 36_16 “Paper submitted to EURONOISE 2021: Low-noise road mixtures for electric veichels”

14 Dec , 2021 - Papers

Paper submitted to EURONOISE 2021: Low-noise road mixtures for electric veichels

Filippo G. Praticò, Gianfranco Pellicano, Rosario Fedele

Abstract: The road pavements of the future should be designed to take into account the variation of the traffic noise due to traffic increase and electric vehicles (EVs) diffusion. Indeed, EVs are very different from internal combustion engine vehicles. Importantly, they could be quieter than traditional vehicles at low frequencies, but could be noisier at high frequencies. This study aims at presenting the acoustic and mechanical
performance of two asphalt concretes that were designed to reduce the problem mentioned above. In more detail, an experimental investigation was carried out to test samples of asphalt concretes with low nominal
maximum aggregate sizes, with and without crumb rubber, added applying the dry method. A gyratory compactor was used to make the samples and acoustic and mechanic properties were tested. Results show that mechanistic-related strategies such as the addition of crumb rubber could improve the acoustic performance. Consequently, there is probably room for improving design criteria.

Keywords: traffic noise, electric vehicles, low-noise road mixtures, acoustic and mechanical performances, crumb rubber.