ID 36_6 “LIFE E-VIA project: noise, electric vehicles and tyres”

23 Dec , 2020 - Papers

Paper submitted to Forum Acusticum Congress

Arnaldo Melloni, Gessica Pecchioni, Sergio Luzzi, Raffaella Bellomini

Abstract: The LIFE E-VIA project tackles noise pollution from road traffic noise focusing on a future perspective in which electric and hybrid vehicles will be a consistent portion of traffic flow. Others main objectives of the project consist in: the combination of knowledge of road optimization and tyre development in order to test an optimized solution for reducing noise in urban areas and Life Cycle Cost with respect to actual best; the noise reduction for roads inside very populated urban areas through the implementation of a mitigation measure aimed at optimizing road surfaces and tyres of EVs (electric vehicles). From a practical point of view, two road surfaces, and at least five different EVs (including tyres specifically designed for EVs) will be tested. Finally, the soundscape holistic approach will be used to evaluate the performance of EV vs ICEV in the newly built scenario.