29 September 2021

Measurements of noise and traffic flows in Via Paisiello

Post-operam measurements of noise and traffic flows in Via Paisiello, the pilot case of the Life E-VIA project, have been completed. The comparison between the measurements taken before and after the laying of the new low-noise asphalt will make it possible to assess the benefit in terms of noise reduction. The asphalt mixture contains crumb […]

31 August 2021

LIFE E-VIA experimental campaign: selection of optimized EV tyres

For the selection of optimized EV tyres Continental Reifen Deutschland delivers carved prototype tyres to Université Gustave Eiffel for testing on the LIFE E-VIA prototypal test surfaces in Nantes: Université Gustave Eiffel performs CPX measurements. These tyres aim at optimizing the balance of exterior noise performance and other tyre performances (e.g. rolling resistance, grip) for EV […]

21 July 2021

Asphalting works in the pilot case in Firenze

Last week, asphalting works were carried out in Via Paisiello, the pilot case of the LIFE E-VIA EUROPEAN PROJECT. The type of asphalt applied was studied in the project and will reduce noise pollution from vehicle traffic.

10 May 2021

Articles published in April 2021 about LIFE E-VIA project

In the context of dissemination activities of LIFE E-VIA project,  a lot of newspaper articles were published on Italian journals in April 2021. 055 Firenze: https://www.055firenze.it/art/205239/San-Jacopino-arriva-lasfalto-anti-rumore-Firenze-citt-pilota-in-Europa-per-la-sperimentazione ADICONSUM TOSCANA: https://www.adiconsumtoscana.it/news/774_asfalto_070421.html Fionline: http://www.fionline.it/life-e-via-un-progetto-europeo-per-citta-meno-rumorose/ GEOSnews: https://it.geosnews.com/p/it/toscana/asfalto-anti-rumore-firenze-capofila-si-parte-da-via-paisiello_33378951 GEOSnews: https://it.geosnews.com/p/it/calabria/asfalto-anti-rumore-a-firenze-collabora-l-universit-mediterranea_33378523 InToscana: http://intoscana.it/it/articolo/firenze-citta-pilota-in-europa-per-la-sperimentazione-dellasfalto-anti-rumore/#:~:text=Prende%20il%20via%20a%20Firenze,nuovo%20asfalto%20a%20bassa%20emissione. LaNazione: https://www.lanazione.it/cronaca/arriva-l-asfalto-anti-rumore-firenze-citt%C3%A0-pilota-in-europa-per-la-sperimentazione-1.6206689 Metropolitano: https://www.metropolitano.it/asfalto-anti-rumore/#:~:text=Firenze%20sperimenta%20un%20asfalto%20in%20grado%20di%20ridurre%20l’inquinamento%20acustico,-6%20Aprile%202021&text=Ridurre%20il%20rumore%20del%20traffico,nuovo%20asfalto%20a%20bassa%20emissione.&text=Il%20progetto%2C%20cofinanziato%20dall’Ue,e%20terminer%C3%A0%20a%20gennaio%202023. ohga!: https://www.ohga.it/asfalto-anti-rumore-per-ridurre-linquinamento-acustico-firenze-citta-capofila-in-europa/ Teleambiente: https://www.teleambiente.it/inquinamento_acustico_prova_firenze_nuovo_asfalto_antirumore/ ToscanaOggi: https://www.toscanaoggi.it/Toscana/Mobilita-e-rumore-a-Firenze-un-progetto-innovativo

6 May 2021

Networking activity with LIFE NEREIDE

The LIFE Nereide and LIFE E-Via projects, funded by the European Union through the Life programme, are studying a response to noise pollution caused by traffic in urban centres, which affects 100 million people across Europe every year. In the context of the networking activity between LIFE E-VIA and LIFE NEREIDE, a lot of newspaper […]